Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Resolutions: Hard Work!

2014 is really here! What we are calling in my house; "The Year of Lindsay"... I guess you can say its time to get busy... But I say its time to bring on the "hard work work"!

I have put a lot of thought into my resolutions (hence taking so long to publish this post:).  Although I want to set challenging goals for myself, I feel it is detrimental to set them within reach.  The worst advice a trainer can give a client is what I call "false hope"... kinda like making a promise you can't keep. So my purpose with what I lay out for 2014 is to make everything achievable for me... Did you do the same for you?

Unfortunately, you won't see any of my goals for 2014 say; 1. Compete in 2014 Regional CrossFit Games 2. Ironman 70.3 in Kona 3. Enter Muscle Building Competition in NYC 4. Qualify for and run in Boston Marathon. Now don't get me wrong, these are ALL definitely on my bucket list, but I need to get my priorities; short & long term in check... and then I can start to go after these.  That way I don't get disenchanted along the way and lose motivation.  Some people can probably work with lofty targets, but I know me... and a New Year's Resolution won't stick unless its realistic.

2014 Short Term goals (Top 5)
1. Start calorie counting for weight loss on My Fitness Pal
-You can join me! My name is linzhartig although I am not the best with automation here it has helped me the last two weeks stay on track so I want to stick with it... luckily Jayne, Jen & Jamie (haha I just noticed their names all start with "J" coincidentally) are keeping me accountable!
2. Make healthy choices in the kitchen
-cutting dessert to once a week and focusing on portion control are my two huge factors to help me here
3. Set up accountability partners with training
-continue Gym Co-Op; running partners; fitness class
4. Train for & compete in the West Point Triathlon
- this is probably one of my most exciting short term goals for 2014... I fell in love with "tri"ing when introduced to it by TeamRWB Nat'l Veteran Outreach Director, MAJ Jon Silk down in Louisiana in 2012... I really can't wait to do it again!
5. Compete to attend an RWB Veterans Camp
-I have wanted to go to a VAC since I joined TeamRWB, but the timing has never worked out the last 2 years, this year I am going to make it a priority and hope to tell you all about my experience!

2014 Year End goals (Top 3)
1. Lose ALL the baby weight
-Although I'd like to shed all the weight by St. Patty's Day (5 months post-partum) I want to be smart about weight loss.  1-2lbs a week is healthy and so with 25lbs still to go I will be able to post bikini Lindsay on Memorial Day weekend! Whoot Whoot :)
2. Go back to work
-Personal Training, teaching group fitness, & broadening my resume' for full time work in the summer
3. Save funds for a vacation with my husband
-We are looking at the World Cup in Brazil!  But have also discussed vacationing in the tropics with friends (umm... yes, I'm totally a sucker for the sun & sand... and considering we have been in the single digits up here all week this becomes more and more of a MUST DO for 2014!)

Thanks for keeping me accountable and bringing me back to the keyboard for my BLOG... All of you are helping me immensely with my journey... I am so grateful for this experience!

Happy New Year y'all...  Let's Crush 2014... HARD! WORK! WORK!!!!

Pre-Pregnancy: 145
Birth: 210
Week 10: 171- Size 10
Week 11: 170- Size 10

Total Weight Gain: 65lbs
Total Weight Loss: 40lbs 


  1. Hi! I have been reading your blog weekly since November or so. I also had a baby (my first) on October 29, and it seems that we are in similar places. I also have 25 to lose right now. I am also 170! Memorial Day Weekend sounds like a great target for me as well, as it is our wedding anniversary. I also put a lot of thought into my new year's resolutions this year. I am making changes already, but I do not and cannot stress myself because A. it's no fun, and B. I won't lose anything if I stress too much. Instead, I want to focus on DOING. I do not blog yet -- it's taking me a bit to figure out this thing!

    1. Veronika- Thanks for reaching out and sharing your story... We CAN so do this! Please check in with me on your journey... I'd love to hear what is working for you and encourage each other in the coming months. -LH